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NTE Semiconductors

NTE Part Number: NTE103A
Description: T-NPN, GE-AF PREAMP,DR,PO
QTY Per Package: 1

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There is a 1-2 week lead-time for out of stock items.

Click here for the datasheet for NTE103A.
If this datasheet link is broken, the datasheet may still be available at
This part is the equivalent replacement for the following:
002-011700, 002-11700, 022-2876-002, 022-2876-702, 0300006, 030-034-0, 030812-1, 04-00072-01, 0514-023553, 0573037, 0573037H, 0573139, 06112, 065-2, 065-2-12, 07-07167, 09-033006, 09-303006, 09-303012, 09-303013, 09-303023, 09-303030, 09-309075, 1-00032-027, 1029-FF, 1040-80, 104080, 1104-95, 110495, 110958, 1119-58, 111958, 114N4P, 114N4U, 116204, 116-687, 11668-7, 116687, 117-6(HEATHKIT)(NPN), 121-169, 121-172, 121-237, 121-238, 121-247, 121-248, 121-557, 121-558, 121-59, 121-6, 121-60, 121-641, 121-7, 121-762CL, 121-8, 126N1, 126N2, 129-30, 130048, 13040089, 130-40096, 130400-96, 13040096, 130-40314, 13040329, 130-40347, 130403-47, 13040347(NPN), 13-14279-1, 13-18654-1, 13-27050-1, 1349-17, 1371-17, 14-602-21, 14-602-27(NPN), 14-602-33(NPN), 14-602-38(NPN), 14-602-39(NPN), 14-602-3(NPN), 14-602-40(NPN), 14-602-52, 1465-2, 1465-2-12, 1465-2-12-8, 1473573-1, 165-2A82, 168953, 170132-1(NPN), 170783-1(NPN), 170783-3, 171005(TOSHIBA), 171010-1(NPN), 171032-1(NPN), 174-002-9-001, 1-801-309, 1817017, 1851-0041, 1865-2, 1865-2-12, 1865-2L, 1865-2L8, 1906-17, 1937-17, 1958-17, 19AR6-1, 19AR6-2, 19AR6-3, 1-TR-112, 2002153-83, 2004503018, 200-856(NPN), 2010952-14, 2013(E.F.JOHNSON), 2057A100-14(NPN), 2057A100-18(NPN), 2057A100-30(NPN), 2057A100-35(NPN), 2057A100-4(NPN), 2057A2-167, 2057B100-3(NPN), 2057B100-4, 2057B100-5(NPN), 2057BO-3(NPN), 2091260-1(NPN), 2091260-2(NPN), 2091260-3(NPN), 209-856(NPN), 21A015-005, 223482, 224820, 225300, 226791, 231140-45, 23114045, 2320331, 23-5048(NPN), 243837, 247-256, 24MW1116(NPN), 250400, 269367, 27125-310, 27125310, 27125-490, 27125490, 279-1(SYL), 279317, 297L001H01, 297L001H02, 297L001M01, 297V002H03, 297V002H04, 297V002H05, 297V002M04, 297V002M05, 2N1010, 2N1058, 2N1059, 2N1078, 2N1101, 2N1102, 2N1173, 2N1173W, 2N1251, 2N126, 2N1298, 2N1431, 2N148, 2N148A, 2N148B, 2N149, 2N149A, 2N1672, 2N1672A, 2N193, 2N194, 2N194A, 2N211, 2N212, 2N213, 2N213A, 2N214, 2N216, 2N228, 2N229, 2N233, 2N233A, 2N2430, 2N306, 2N306A, 2N35, 2N4136, 2N507, 2N515, 2N516, 2N517, 2N567, 2N647, 2N647/22, 2N649, 2N649/5, 2N94, 2N94A, 2S160, 2S277C, 2SC179, 2SC180, 2SC181, 2SC277C, 2SC34, 2SC34A, 2SC34C, 2SC34D, 2SC34E, 2SC34F, 2SC34G, 2SC34GN, 2SC34H, 2SC34J, 2SC34K, 2SC34L, 2SC34M, 2SC34OR, 2SC34R, 2SC34X, 2SC34Y, 2SC35, 2SC35A, 2SC35B, 2SC35C, 2SC35E, 2SC35F, 2SC35G, 2SC35GN, 2SC35H, 2SC35J, 2SC35K, 2SC35L, 2SC35M, 2SC35OR, 2SC35X, 2SC35Y, 2SC85, 2SC85O, 2SC86, 2SC89A, 2SD100, 2SD100A, 2SD100B, 2SD100C, 2SD100D, 2SD100E, 2SD100F, 2SD100G, 2SD100GN, 2SD100H, 2SD100J, 2SD100K, 2SD100L, 2SD100M, 2SD100OR, 2SD100R, 2SD100X, 2SD100Y, 2SD104, 2SD104A, 2SD104B, 2SD104C, 2SD104D, 2SD104E, 2SD104F, 2SD104G, 2SD104GN, 2SD104H, 2SD104K, 2SD104L, 2SD104M, 2SD104OR, 2SD104R, 2SD104X, 2SD104Y, 2SD105, 2SD105A, 2SD105B, 2SD105C, 2SD105D, 2SD105E, 2SD105F, 2SD105G, 2SD105GN, 2SD105H, 2SD105J, 2SD105K, 2SD105L, 2SD105M, 2SD105OR, 2SD105R, 2SD105X, 2SD105Y, 2SD11A, 2SD11B, 2SD11C, 2SD11D, 2SD11E, 2SD11F, 2SD11G, 2SD11GN, 2SD11H, 2SD11J, 2SD11K, 2SD11L, 2SD11M, 2SD11OR, 2SD11R, 2SD11X, 2SD11Y, 2SD127, 2SD127A, 2SD127C, 2SD127D, 2SD127F, 2SD127G, 2SD127GN, 2SD127H, 2SD127J, 2SD127K, 2SD127M, 2SD127OR, 2SD127R, 2SD127X, 2SD127Y, 2SD128, 2SD-1283, 2SD128A, 2SD128B, 2SD128C, 2SD128D, 2SD128E, 2SD128F, 2SD128G, 2SD128GN, 2SD128H, 2SD128J, 2SD128K, 2SD128L, 2SD128M, 2SD128OR, 2SD128R, 2SD128Y, 2SD129-RED, 2SD161A, 2SD161B, 2SD161C, 2SD161D, 2SD161E, 2SD161F, 2SD161G, 2SD161GN, 2SD161H, 2SD161J, 2SD161K, 2SD161L, 2SD161M, 2SD161OR, 2SD161R, 2SD161X, 2SD161Y, 2SD162, 2SD162A, 2SD162B, 2SD162C, 2SD162D, 2SD162E, 2SD162F, 2SD162G, 2SD162GN, 2SD162H, 2SD162J, 2SD162K, 2SD162L, 2SD162M, 2SD162OR, 2SD162R, 2SD162X, 2SD162Y, 2SD167, 2SD167A, 2SD167B, 2SD167C, 2SD167E, 2SD167F, 2SD167G, 2SD167GN, 2SD167H, 2SD167J, 2SD167K, 2SD167L, 2SD167M, 2SD167OR, 2SD167R, 2SD167X, 2SD167Y, 2SD170, 2SD170A, 2SD170AA, 2SD170AB, 2SD170AC, 2SD170B, 2SD170BC, 2SD170C, 2SD170PB, 2SD178, 2SD178A, 2SD178B, 2SD178C, 2SD178D, 2SD178E, 2SD178F, 2SD178G, 2SD178GN, 2SD178H, 2SD178J, 2SD178K, 2SD178L, 2SD178M, 2SD178Q, 2SD178T, 2SD178X, 2SD178Y, 2SD186, 2SD186A, 2SD186B, 2SD186C, 2SD186D, 2SD186E, 2SD186F, 2SD186G, 2SD186H, 2SD186J, 2SD186K, 2SD186L, 2SD186M, 2SD186OR, 2SD186R, 2SD186X, 2SD186Y, 2SD187, 2SD187A, 2SD187B, 2SD187C, 2SD187D, 2SD187E, 2SD187F, 2SD187G, 2SD187GN, 2SD187H, 2SD187J, 2SD187K, 2SD187L, 2SD187M, 2SD187-OR, 2SD187OR, 2SD187R, 2SD187X, 2SD187Y, 2SD19, 2SD191, 2SD192, 2SD193, 2SD194, 2SD195, 2SD195A, 2SD195B, 2SD195C, 2SD195D, 2SD195E, 2SD195F, 2SD195G, 2SD195GN, 2SD195H, 2SD195J, 2SD195K, 2SD195L, 2SD195M, 2SD195OR, 2SD195R, 2SD195X, 2SD195Y, 2SD19A, 2SD19B, 2SD19C, 2SD19E, 2SD19F, 2SD19G, 2SD19GN, 2SD19H, 2SD19J, 2SD19K, 2SD19M, 2SD19Y, 2SD20A, 2SD20B, 2SD20C, 2SD20D, 2SD20E, 2SD20F, 2SD20G, 2SD20GN, 2SD20H, 2SD20J, 2SD20K, 2SD20L, 2SD20M, 2SD20OR, 2SD20R, 2SD20X, 2SD20Y, 2SD21A, 2SD21B, 2SD21C, 2SD21D, 2SD21E, 2SD21F, 2SD21G, 2SD21GN, 2SD21H, 2SD21J, 2SD21K, 2SD21L, 2SD21M, 2SD21OR, 2SD21R, 2SD21X, 2SD21Y, 2SD22A, 2SD22B, 2SD22C, 2SD22D, 2SD22E, 2SD22F, 2SD22G, 2SD22GN, 2SD22H, 2SD22J, 2SD22K, 2SD22L, 2SD22M, 2SD22OR, 2SD22R, 2SD22X, 2SD22Y, 2SD23A, 2SD23B, 2SD23C, 2SD23E, 2SD23F, 2SD23G, 2SD23GN, 2SD23H, 2SD23J, 2SD23K, 2SD23L, 2SD23M, 2SD23OR, 2SD23R, 2SD23X, 2SD23Y, 2SD25, 2SD27, 2SD30, 2SD30-0, 2SD30-0R, 2SD30A, 2SD30B, 2SD30C, 2SD30D, 2SD30E, 2SD30F, 2SD30G, 2SD30GN, 2SD30H, 2SD30J, 2SD30K, 2SD30L, 2SD30M, 2SD30-N, 2SD30N, 2SD30-O, 2SD30-OR, 2SD30OR, 2SD30P, 2SD30R, 2SD30X, 2SD30Y, 2SD31, 2SD31B, 2SD31C, 2SD31D, 2SD31E, 2SD31F, 2SD31G, 2SD31GN, 2SD31H, 2SD31J, 2SD31K, 2SD31L, 2SD31M, 2SD31OR, 2SD31R, 2SD31X, 2SD31Y, 2SD32, 2SD32A, 2SD32B, 2SD32C, 2SD32D, 2SD32E, 2SD32F, 2SD32G, 2SD32GN, 2SD32H, 2SD32J, 2SD32K, 2SD32L, 2SD32M, 2SD32OR, 2SD32R, 2SD32X, 2SD32Y, 2SD33, 2SD33C, 2SD34, 2SD34A, 2SD34B, 2SD34C, 2SD34D, 2SD34E, 2SD34F, 2SD34G, 2SD34GN, 2SD34H, 2SD34J, 2SD34K, 2SD34L, 2SD34M, 2SD34OR, 2SD34R, 2SD34X, 2SD34Y, 2SD35, 2SD352, 2SD352A, 2SD352B, 2SD352C, 2SD352D, 2SD352E, 2SD352F, 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RT3096, RT7400, RT7944, S2042634, S65-2-A-3P, S-95202, SC4073, SC-56, SC56, SE-7001, SFT-184, SF.T377, SFT377, SG2182(NPN), SG2183(NPN), SK3010, SK3835, SK3835/103A, SP2158, SP2188, SP3010, SQ-7, SYL-103, SYL-104, SYL1288, SYL-1329, SYL-1396, SYL1468, SYL-152, SYL-1524, SYL-2134, SYL-2135, SYL-2136, SYL-4315, T-81, T81, TA-1620A, TA-1620B, TM103A, TNJ61671(2SD72), TNJ61734, TNJ72284, TQ-5032(NPN), TQ5044, TQ-5044(NPN), TQ5050, TQ-5050(NPN), TQ-5062, TQ5062, TQ-5062(NPN, TR01065, TR310160, TR310236, TV24143, TV24983, TV-27, TX-126-1, U2T85, W4, WC19862, WEP641B, XB2.XB4, XB2.XB4(NPN), XB2/XB4(NPN), XB2.XB4(NPU), XG28, XG29, XG33, XS26

Vetco stocks a complete inventory of electronic parts, including Integrated Circuits (IC's), Transistors, Diodes, and LEDs.
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