Network + CATV Cable Tester
Ex ct100

Network + CATV Cable Tester

Part number: EX-CT100
Extech CT100 Network Cable Tester
Continuity Tester for twisted pair cables and F Type coaxial cables.
Twisted Pair Features:
  • Tests for shorts, opens, miswires and reversals
  • Tests EIA/TIA568A and 568B and 10Base-T
  • Shield detection tests shield integrity
  • Tests installed wiring and jumper cables

CATV Features:
  • “F” connector for troubleshooting CATV coaxial installations
  • Tests for opens and shorts
  • Tests cable lengths from 3 to 600ft (0.9 to 183m)

Requires 2 AAA Batteries (INCLUDED)

QTY: 1 Cable tester set
Product condition: New