MP3 Module with Internal Storage
Fn605 m01

MP3 Module with Internal Storage

Part number: FN605-M01
Step 1: Hookup to your computer via Mini-USB cable. The module acts like a regular thumb drive, so you simply put music files onto the module. Step 2: Hookup to your arduino and play some music! Use this simple module to play MP3s from internal storage simply and easily. Communicates via UART serial interface, and includes an onboard op-amp for direct hookup to a speaker. Also supports reading from a USB thumb drive. Perfect for voice prompts, music with or without inter-cut advertisements, and many other uses.

  • Supports MP3 decoding.
  • Supports AD key control mode and custom serial control mode.
  • Supports inter-cut advertisements.
  • Supports random playback.
  • Built-in a 3 watt amplifier that can direct drive a 3 watt speaker.
  • 16 levels adjustable volume.

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Please see this product's datasheet HERE for specs and protocol definition
Product condition: New