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This is a variation of our VUPN7213 Cree Xlamp LED Module, with the dies in 4 series x 4 parallel instead of one long series. The means it takes 12VDC instead of 48VDC

This aluminum-core PCB module has four Cree XLamp MC-E white LEDs, each of which contains four led dies. All 16 dies are connected in 4 sets in parallel of 4 LEDs in series, whose ends are broken out to red and black pigtail wires. There is a PTC thermistor (Murata PRF18BG471QB1RB) bonded to the board (white pigtail wires), which can be monitored by an external driver. To drive this board, we recommend a 2800 mA constant-current driver with a compliance of at least 18 volts.
  • Minimum luminous flux at 1400 mA: 1480 lumens.
  • Minimum luminous flux at 2800 mA: 2590 lumens.
  • Color temperature: 5700K - 7000K (cool white).
  • Forward voltage per LED die at 1400 mA: 3.1 volts.
  • Forward voltage per LED die at 2800 mA: 3.4 volts.
  • Viewing angle: 110 degrees.
  • Overall diameter: 64.9 mm.
  • Mount-hole diameter: 3.05 mm. The mount-holes are on the vertices of a regular octagon whose radius is 30.0 mm.
Product condition: New