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MMCX Male Right Angle Crimp Connector for RG-174

Part number: VET-SP-MMCXRA174
MMCX Male Right Angle Crimp Connector for RG-174 Coax Cable

Right Angle MMCX Male connector crimps on to RG-174 Coax. This connector should also fit RG-316 and LMR-100 Coax. This connector requires both crimping and soldering - the center conductor of coax needs to be soldered to the center pin and then the connector is crimped on to the coax using the included ferrule for RG-174.

Quality gold plated construction. Gold plated brass or copper conductors.

Overall Dimensions: .56" Long x .29" Tall x .14" Diameter

Vetco stocks a complete line of RF Adapters and Connectors, including gender changers, splitters, between series adapters and end connectors.

QTY: 1 Connector

Product condition: New