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Product Description

Before you purchase this cable, please CAREFULLY read the ENTIRE description.

A copy of this may also be included in your order.

This cable was originally designed by exo LABS to connect their USB Laboratory/Classroom Camera to your iphone or ipad. This was used in classrooms for overhead video and microscope connections. This functions VERY similar to OTG functionality but is NOT OTG.

-This is NOT an OTG cable.

-This is not a standard "USB A Male to Micro USB Cable".

-And it is also NOT a standard "Apple Lightning to USB A Male cable".

-It is a special "Apple Lightning Male to Micro USB Male" cable.

This cable is made by exo LABS.

The manufacturer part number is: CABLE8PN-MICB

Exo LABS is now long out of business. So these cables will never be made again. We had around 1200 of them in stock, but once they are gone, they are gone forever! Buy now!

Going from Micro USB to Apple lightning is a DIFFICULT task that is actually pretty complicated. There is no defined standard for how to build these cables. So MANY manufacturers have just wired their cables in a way that works for them and gets the job done. Many, completely ignoring any OTG wiring standards.

This cable is NOT made by Vetco and Vetco can not make custom versions. We also can NOT tell you if this cable will work for you. We have no way of testing it for you beforehand. But since this cable does exist, we are making it available for purchase. However, this cable should be purchased entirely under the idea of "buy at your own risk, AS-IS". Based on the fact that this cable was manufactured specifically for a device made by exo Labs, you should just assume it won't for any other purpose.

That being said, we have sold a LOT of these cables and we only get about 1% of them returned. So, most customers seem to do well with whatever their use is. Hopefully its useful to you too.

Please be aware of your needs BEFORE buying this cable. You MUST do your own research to see if this will work with your unit or use case BEFORE you buy it. We will charge a restocking fee of at least 25% on returns of this cable and we cannot refund shipping either direction. You also MUST email us and request an RMA BEFORE returning these. We will not be able to process returns that are mailed back to us with out RMA approval before hand.

See information on returns here (all return rules on this product page, superceed any rule on our returns page):

NOTE: Compatability Checklist (so far)

-This cable will NOT work with the "Hubsan Zino drone transmitter" because, even though it’s a less expensive copy of a Mavic style controller, the Chinese manufacturer have wired their USB cable in a “special”, or more accurately, proprietary way and standard OTG or similar cables, including this one will NOT work with it. Please do not buy this cable is your intention is to use with the "Hubsan Zino drone transmitter". See information about that here (EXTERNAL SITE): "Three USB cables are provided. One for iOS, one with USB-c and the last with a microUSB. Seems they are specialized cable and not simple OTG."

-This cable also has been tested on SHURE Microphones and has been found to NOT WORK with SHURE Microphones. SHURE Microphones have followed a non-standard wiring method on their cables and you MUST buy one from them for their microphones. Again, these will not work with a SHURE Microphone.

-We were recently able to confirm that this does NOT work with the "Farsight (Pro 2 & Pro) or the Farsight 1" units. Specifically we are referencing the units located at this link: 

They didn't follow OTG style standards and you must use their original custom wired cable that came with your insta360 Farsight device.

There may be similar limitations on low cost Chinese transmitters or devices. Please research this yourself.

-We also just recently confirmed that this cable does NOT work with the Fiio Hi-Res Audio Amp. It does not work for any Fiio (FIIO) brand device. Tested with the "FiiO A5 Portable Headphone Amplifier".

-*1, We JUST recently found out, this cable is confirmed to NOT BE COMPATABLE with the "DJI Mavic Mini" and the "DJI Mavic Pro 2". This was confimed by a customer who ordered the cables and tried it.

This information is subject to change without notice at any time.

Length: 3.3' (1m)

Click here to read the California regulatory warning.