MG Rosin Flux Pen
Mg 835 p

MG Rosin Flux Pen

Part number: MG-835-P
MG Rosin Flux Pen
MG Chemicals Part Number: 835-P

This pen is for precision application of rosin flux. It contains high-quality RA type flux and is applied with a precision microtip applicator.
  • Superior fluxing ability
  • Instant wetting
  • After soldering, the rosin residue is non-corrosive, non-conducting, moisture resistant, and fungus resistant
  • Meets Mil. spec. #RA 14256
  • ANSI Spec. 004
  • ROMI class, J Standard
QTY: 1 x Rosin Flux Microtip Pen (10ml)
Product condition: New