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MG High Temperature Silicone RTV Sealant (Red) - 2.8oz

Part number: MG-RTV106-85ML
MG High Temperature Silicone RTV Sealant (Red) 2.8oz
MG Chemicals Part Number: RTV106

Excellent for insulating, sealing, bonding and formed-in-place gaskets. Can be applied to vertical and overhead surfaces. Not for use in delicate electrical and electronic applications in which corrosion of copper, brass, or other sensitive metals is undesirable. Can be used in food contact applications where FDA regulations apply. Reference CDS4319 "Food Contact Applications", "Silicone Rubber Compounds."

Use Adhesive Sealant
Special Feature High Temperature
Standards FDA 21CFR 177.2600
UL Recognized
UL File No. E-36952
UL 95 HB
Cross Reference RTV106
GE Silicone National Stock Number
Uncured Properties
Consistency Paste
Color Red
Specific Gravity 1.07
Tack Free Time 25 min
Cure Through Time
( 77°F / 50% relative humidity / 1/8" thick)
24 hours
Cure Time
(@ 77°F /50% relative humidity)
3 days
Useful Temp. Range -60°C to 260°C
(-75°F to 500°F)
Cured Properties - MECHANICAL
30 (Shore A)
Tensile Strength 2.55 MPa (375 psi)
Elongation 400%
Tear Strength 7 kg/cm (40 lb/in)
Peel Strength 7 kg/cm (40 lb/in)
Cured Properties - ELECTRICAL
Volume Resistivity 3 x 1014 ohm · cm
Dielectric Strength 19.7 kV/mm (500 V/mil)
Dielectric Constant 2.8 @ 60 Hz
Cured Properties - THERMAL
Thermal Conductivity 0.2092 W/m · °K
Brittle Point -60°C (-75°F)
Thermal Expansion 27 x 10-5 (°C)-1
Viscosity (@ 25°C) 400 g/min

QTY: 1 x Tube of Silicone Sealant (2.8floz / 82.8ml)
Product condition: New