LMR-400 Cavity Crimp Tool
Pan pht 73 307

LMR-400 Cavity Crimp Tool

Part number: GLO-31-HT-336K
Ratcheting Cavity Crimp Tool

Features a smooth ratcheting action, durable plastic handles, and replaceable/changeable dies. It will accept all of our cavity crimp dies that we stock. Overall Length: 8.7"

This crimp tool has a die for the following Coax:
  • LMR-400 (.100" 2.54mm)
  • RG-8 (.100" 2.54mm)
  • RG-11 (.128" 3.25mm)
  • RG-213 (.429" 10.90mm)

QTY: 1 Ratcheting Crimp Tool and Die
Product condition: New