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LMC6492 Dual CMOS Rail-to-Rail Op-Amp 8-Pin DIP

Part number: VUPN8251
manufacturer: Texas Instruments
manufacturer part number: LMC6492AEN
The LMC6492 is a single or dual supply operational amplifier (op-amp) that is well suited for operation over a wide temperature range (-40°C~+125°C).

A unique design topology enables the LMC6492 common-mode voltage range to accommodate input signals beyond the rails. This eliminates non-linear output errors due to input signals exceeding a traditionally limited common-mode voltage range. The LMC6492 signal range has a high CMRR of 82 dB for excellent accuracy in non-inverting circuit configurations.

The LMC6492 rail-to-rail input is complemented by rail-to-rail output swing. This assures maximum dynamic signal range which is particularly important in 5V systems.

Ultra-low input current of 150 fA and 120 dB open loop gain provide high accuracy and direct interfacing with high impedance sources.

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