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LM339 Quad Comparator IC - SMD - SOIC-14

Part number: VUPN8542
manufacturer: STMicroelectronics
manufacturer part number: LM339DT

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The LM339 has 4 separate, on-board voltage comparators, each capable of comparing two analog voltages and outputting a digital signal indicating which input is higher. This is the chip at the heart of many electronic sensors, such as the one found in the "clapper" - or your kid's line-following robot kit.

This is the surface mount version (SMD/SMT) of the LM339 Quad Comparator - in a tiny, but hand-solderable SOIC-14 package.

Looking for our through-hole version? Check out the NTE834

QTY: 1 x LM339 Quad Comparator IC - SMD - SOIC-14
Product condition: New