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Product Description

This waterproof connector creates a reliable, waterproof connection without any special tools or chemicals. Avoid messy silicone goop and layers of ugly electrical tape - Our line of Waterproof connectors is perfectly suited for Marine, Automotive, and Industrial applications. Available in Inline and Panel/Chassis Mount Connectors. You can be sure to find the right combination of connectors to fit your needs. Ideal for power transmission (up to 10A) and communications/data purposes.

A series of internal compression gaskets and o-rings combine with a positive locking, threaded ring on the male connector to securely attach the connectors together while maintaining a water-tight seal around the cable.

Designed for easy installation in the field, these connectors are easy to assemble - only a soldering iron and wire cutters are required. Internal gaskets in the connector housing compress to fully seal around the cable as it exits the connector. No additional waterproofing is necessary.

Number of Pins: 6
Rated Current (40°C): 10 Amps
Voltage Rating: 125 Volts
Max Wire Gauge: 18 AWG
Environmental Protection: IP67
Mechanical Life: 500 Mating Cycles
Operating Temperature: -45°C ~ 105°C


25mm Diameter x ~18mm Long

Maximum Panel thickness: 4.0mm

Thread Diameter: 19.85mm

Combined length with mating connector (VUPN10511): 57.0mm

QTY: 1 x Connector

(Measurements in milimeters)

Product condition: New

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -