Kapton Tape (18mm Wide x 30 Meters Long)

Kapton Tape (18mm Wide x 30 Meters Long)

Part number: VUPN6957
Kapton Tape (18mm Wide x 30 Meters Long)

Developed by DuPont and favored by NASA since the days of Apollo, this polyimide film is exceptional for its high thermal resistance, high dielectric strength, high X-ray transmittivity, and its mechanical stability at temperatures ranging from absolute zero to 200°C.

Employ this tape as a substrate for 3D extrusion printing; as a mask for hot-air soldering; as the dielectric in a high-voltage capacitor, as an electrical barrier between closely-stacked circuit boards; or as insulation for hot wire.

It is coated on one side with zero-residue high-temperature silicone adhesive. The tape is 18mm wide. Each roll contains about 30 meters of tape.

QTY: 1 x Kapton Tape Roll (30 Meters Long)
Product condition: New