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IR Repeater / IR Blaster Kit
Need to control home theater devices that are stashed away in a TV stand or cabinet? This kit allows your remote control to work with components that are hidden from view.

This kit contains everything you need to control up to 4 devices. It works with any Infrared remote control and is completely "plug and play" - no programming or complicated setup required. A simple hookup diagram is included to get you up and running in minutes.

This kit includes the following:
  • IR Receiver (with 8' cable)
  • IR Distribution Module (supports up to 4 emitter outputs)
  • 2 x Dual IR Emitters (each emitter controls 2 devices, 10' cable)
  • 12VDC Power Supply for the IR Distribution Module
The IR Receiver is low-profile and unobtrusive. It includes double sided tape for easy mounting. The receiver is typically placed on top of or near the TV. The IR Distribution Module takes the signal from the IR Receiver and amplifies & distributes the signal to the IR Emitters. The IR Emitters also include double-sided tape and should be placed directly over the "IR Receiving Window" on your devices. This is the spot on your cable box, home theater receiver, DVD player, satellite box, tuner, etc, where the remote control is pointed.

The IR Repeater/Blaster kit can be expanded inexpensively to control up to 12 devices by purchasing extra IR emitter cables.

Need to increase the distance between the IR Receiver and the IR Distribution module? No problem! The IR Receiver cable can be extended using inexpensive CAT5 or telephone cable and "butt" style wire splices. We have assembled an "IR Receiver Extension Kit" that contains 40 feet of CAT-5 cable and a package of wire splices.

Vetco carries a variety of accessories for IR Distribution systems, including in-wall receivers, single, dual and triple IR emitters, and other items.

QTY: 1 x IR Repeater / IR Blaster Kit. Includes IR Repeater Module, IR Distribution Module, Power Supply and 2 x Dual IR Emitter Cables.

Optional Accessories Available from Vetco:
Product condition: New