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This is a package of 10 5mm (T1+3/4) IR NPN Phototransistors.

These Phototransistors can be used to make an IR Sensitive switch or IR Receiver. They work just like a regular NPN transistor, except that instead of a third lead (for the base), IR Light is used.

These make great IR "Beam" Security Systems, proximity detectors, remote control receivers, etc.

The longest lead is the emitter, the shorter lead is the collector. IR Light serves as the "base". When IR Light is detected, current flows from the collector the the emitter.
Collector-Emitter Voltage: 30VDC
Emitter-Collector Voltage: 5VDC
Collector Current: 20mA
Collector Dark Current: 100nA
Collector-Emitter Saturation Voltage: 0.4V Max
Wavelength (Peak Sensitivity): 940nm
Wavelength (Spectral Bandwidth): 840nm~1100nm
Package Size: 5mm (T1+3/4)

This is a package of 10 x IR Phototransistor / IR Detector NPN,
Product condition: New