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IR Extender Over HDMI Adapter

Part number: VUPN7458
This adapter works in conjunction with our VUPN7457 IR Receiver and an IR Emitter to inject IR Remote Control signals into an HDMI cable. This allows you to easily extend the reach of your remote control to any device that has an HDMI cable running to it. This adapter uses the built-in "CEC" wires in the HDMI cable.

The adapter has one HDMI male end and one HDMI female end, and plugs inbetween the HDMI cable and your device.

One adapter is required at each end of the cable. A switch configures the adapter to accept either an IR Receiver or an IR Emitter. IR Receiver and Emitter are sold separately.

QTY: 1 IR Extender Over HDMI Adatper. This is ONE Adapter only (Two required for use), and it does NOT include the IR Emitter or IR Receiver.
Product condition: New