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Have you ever wondered what your project needed for that nice vintage look?

A genuine Russian IN-14 nixie tube can do that quite well. Most of them also say CCCP on the sides too. Which is pretty cool!

For power supply, check out our Power Supply For Cold-Cathode Fluorescent Lamps

Part number: IN-14

Most of our IN-14 tubes are new, but have been desoldered from equipment by workers in Ukraine and Russia. They may or may not have the little plastic bases or "stand-offs" that are at the bottom shown in some of the images, this is completely at random. We receive more of them without the plastic bases, rather than with. They may also have varying lead length, glue residue or paint on them, which is leftover from the old equipment they were removed from. When you order more than one, we do our best to make sure they are all identical before we ship them. And we test ALL of our IN-14 tubes to ensure 100% function before we ship them out.
Please remember to handle these with care. Most of them are from the soviet era. Move the leads as seldom as possible to prevent them breaking off. Remember to not drop them as they are made of glass!

Product condition: New