Hotend for Velleman 3D Printer

Hotend for Velleman 3D Printer

Part number: VUPN7946
manufacturer: Velleman
manufacturer part number: 7350-31/SP

This is a replacement "Hot End" kit for the Velleman K8200 / VUPN7944 3D Printer. It can also be adapted to fit just about any 3D Printer or extruder. The hot end is the "business end" of any 3D printer - a quality extruder paired with a good hot end is essential to getting quality results from your prints.
This set includes everything required to assemble the hot end, including a heating resistor, thermistor and extruder nozzle.

The nozzle size is 0.5mm and the thermistor is a 100K NTC type.

QTY: 1 x Hotend Kit for Velleman 3D Printer
Product condition: New