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Hall-Effect Sensor Module for Arduino

Detect the proximity of a magnet with this Hall Effect sensor module. When the magnetic field rises above a threshold level, the open-collector output transistor switches on, which pulls the logic-compatible output low and illuminates the onboard LED indicator.
Its fast (The turn-on threshold is 35-450 Gauss, the minimum hysteresis is 20 Gauss, and the operating voltage range is 4.5 - 24 volts.

This module uses the Allegro MicroSystems A3144EUA sensor. It has a 3 pin interface, signal, V+ and GND.
This is a TO92 Style package. We also have the same sensor mounted on a PC Board with 0.1" header pins (VUPN6351).

QTY: 1 x Hall-Effect Sensor Module for Arduino

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