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  1. GAST 3D1060 Spec Sheet (PDF)

Product Description

GAST 3D1060 Minature Oil-less Gas/Air Diaphragm Pump or Vacuum

MFG PN: GA102ADEN020005

You are looking at a really cool miniature air pump. And we mean small. This thing is SO CUTE! You should do your own research on the manufacturer specifications.

These can provide constant, air with a flow rate of 1.18 LPM and meet a pressure rating of 7.1 PSI.

Crazy enough, these can also be used as vacuum pumps too! Maximum vacuum of 11.3 InHg (631 mbar).

We bought these in a surplus load from a local manufacturer. We don't know much about them. We can't tell you the pipe size or how to mount or use them. But they are super high quality and sell normally for at least $70 dollars each. This is your chance to get a really high quality pump at a really good price. You can research them on the internet for a LOT more information about these. They are VERY well documented.

You could use these to make a battery powered squirt gun, though we are not sure how long the little pump would put up with that. They move a good deal of water though. And of course, air.

This is a VERY unique, new, surplus item. Buy now! Once its gone, its gone forever. The time to buy it is when you see it.

Normal running voltage is 6V DC. (But it can run on a little lower and a little higher)
These pumps are self priming.
Vetco can NOT supply you with any more information than is in this listing.
Do NOT Submerge these pumps. They are NOT waterproof!
Though these are “gas pumps only” we have tested them to pump water and it does a GREAT job of pumping water. It will reduce the life of the pump though.

You should not use them for potable water or liquids that will be ingested. Do your own research to see if these are for you.

Due to the nature of this type of surplus item there are no returns, refunds or exchanges for any reason. We do guarantee that you will receive a new, working pump.


Location in the store: Glass case on 2A-6

Product condition: New

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -