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This "Build-your-own-cat-kit" is an excellent introduction to wearables/e-textiles. Only basic sewing skills are needed, and best of all - No Soldering Required! This kit contains everything you need to make a fabric cartoon style cat that has light-up eyes when the ear is squeezed. This is an easy to assemble kit with pre-marked fabric and sewable LEDs, a sewable battery holder, sewable switch and conductive thread.

The only tools and materials you need to provide are:
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Pins

This kit contains the following:
  • Conductive Thread, 2 Meters (6.5 Feet)
  • Sewable Push Button Switch
  • 2 Sewable LEDs, Green
  • Sewable Miniature Coin Cell Holder
  • CR1220 3V Coin Cell Battery
  • Printed Felt Cat Pattern
  • Wadding/Stuffing
  • 8 Meters Embroidery Thread

This kit is perfect for skilled children or anyone who wishes to get their feet wet with an e-textile project.
QTY: 1 x E-Textile Sweable Cat Kit (w/Conductive Thread + LEDs)
Product condition: New