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Product Description

1-Wire Digital Temperature Sensor for Arduino (DS18B20)

Measure temperatures from -55°C to +125°C with an accuracy of 0.5°C. Maxim's unique 1-wire bus provides bidirectional communication (and even operating power) over a multi-drop bus consisting of just one conductor.

Each device is addressed by means of a unique 64-bit serial number hard-coded at the factory. This sensor is well suited for the Arduino, which has a library for 1-wire communication. Full specifications and the Arduino library are available below:

This device has the DS18B20 packaged in a convenient water-resistant probe for outdoor use, or any use where you would want to take a temperature in an environment where the sensor may come into contact with water or any other liquid. It also comes with a small PCB with the pullup resistor and decoupling capacitor built-in to make connection to your Arduino as easy as possible.

Arduino Library:

QTY: 1 x 1-Wire Digital Temperature Sensor for Arduino (DS18B20)

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