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The Delta PRO 3D Printer is simple, elegant, powerful, and robust. It was created for the enthusiast and professional alike. It is easy to use with auto bed leveling, heated glass build plate , and ships fully assembled, ready to print. It is built with reliability in mind using quality Japanese and Taiwanese components, including a machined effector plate, magnetic effector arms, and machined hotend. Accuracy is ensured with its glass build plate, large build volume, and robust main board. The Delta Pro 3D Printer stands in a class of its own for makers who want stunning quality, speed, and ease of use.


  • All Metal Construction: Superior construction and stability in a beautifully aesthetic design.
  • 32-bit ARM Processor Architecture: Unbelievably fast and reliable, with print speeds 30-60% faster than other processors.
  • High Quality Printing: The Delta Pro can reliably print at resolutions down to 50 microns - the average width of a single human hair.
  • Extra-Large, Heated Glass Bed: A build volume of 1.76L at Ø270 x 300mm with supported temperatures up to 100°C.
  • Ultra Quiet Performance: Producing only 50dB of noise while printing, no louder than the average conversation





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