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DELTA 19V DC 3.15A Power Adapter 2.5mm DC Plug - MDS-060BAS19


These are brand new DELTA 19V DC power supplies. They will output up to 3.15A. Which means these are 60 watt power supplies.

They have a 2.5mm DC barrel plug on the end of the cable. And a figure 8 (IEC C7) AC power input. The power cord is included.

This is a fantastic quality power supply. You can't get much better than DELTA. If you have a 19V laptop with a 2.5mm DC jack on it, these are great laptop power supplies. They are also great for general use 19V DC power needs. As long as your project or laptop need 19V at 3.15A, then these are ideal for you.

Remember, you can always go larger on amperage, but never on voltage. If your thing needs a specific voltage, you MUST get that specific voltage. But if your thing needs 2 amps, then you can use a 3.15A power supply without issue. Make sure to ALWAYS check your voltages and polarity before connecting new power supplies to devices. Vetco can not help you determine if this is the correct power supply for you. Vetco is not responsible for any damage caused. You must be sure this is what you need before you order.

These won't work with some Dell and HP laptops. There is a possibility they won't work with some other brands too. Some brands, including HP and Dell will lock the laptop out from using any power supply, other than their own original brand. They do this for two reasons, chiefly to ensure more money comes back to them.

Click here to read the California regulatory warning.