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Product Description

manufacturer: Texas Instruments
manufacturer part number: PT6341N

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This DC-DC converter boasts 90% efficiency and ripple/noise. Made to step-down (buck) 12 VDC to 5VDC at a whopping 6 amps, this module is perfect for automotive applications, and has enough current to power demanding devices. This device will tolerate an input voltage from 10.8V to 13.2VDC.

A high-quality design with an innovative integral copper heat-sink allow this single-row in-line packaged converter to be integrated into small project boxes. Don't let the multitude of pins scare you off - 3 are combined for input pins, 3 for ground, and 3 for the voltage output.
Module Pinout
Pin: Function:
1 Inhibit
2 Vin
3 Vin
4 Vin
9 Vout
10 Vout
11 Vout
12 VoutAdj

Much like a 3-Terminal voltage regulator, proper input and output filtering capacitors are required - Use a 100uF electrolytic capacitor between the input pins and ground, and a 330uf electrolytic capacitor between the output pins and ground.
Overall Dimensions: 44mm L x 21mm H x 12mm W

Vetco has a limited quantity of this DC-DC Buck Converter available. We will not be able to obtain more once sold out.

Product condition: New

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -