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This LED driver draws power from mains AC (120 - 240 VAC, 40 watts) and provides a constant-current 700 mA output with a compliance up to about 65 volts. It is designed to drive our VUPN7213 LED module, but it can also drive any other LED module of similar specs. This driver provides auxiliary 5-volt power accessible via the outer two pins of the trhee-pin header labeled J1, which is good for at least 100 mA. The header labeled J4 is the connection point for the constant-current output. In order to make this driver work, you must place a resistor across the header labeled J3. The original design intent was for J3 to be connected to a 470-ohm PTC thermistor in thermal contact with the LEDs being driven. If the driver sees that the resistance across J3 is 470 ohms, it will attempt to dump the full 700 mA through the LED. As the resistance across J3 increases, the driver gradually decreases the constant-current setpoint, bottoming out at about 380 mA when the resistance across J3 reaches 10K ohms. If the resistance across J3 increases beyond about 10K ohms, the driver shuts off power to the LEDs. For basic 700 mA operation, connect a 470 ohm resistor across J3. Headers J1 and J3 will mate with our KHS-series connectors.

This driver is mounted in a stem with a mogul light-bulb base. The stem is designed to attach to our VUPN7211 heatsink. The driver board is lightly glued into the housing, and can be removed from the stem for use in other projects. If you want to remove the driver board, we recommend that you first unscrew the mogul base and clip the wires that are soldered to it.

Product condition: New