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Cellular Modem DIY Kit (SMS GPRS)

-An SMS Module

-Voltage: 5V

-Frequency 900 1800mhz

-Standby Current: <10

-Working Current: <80

-Baud: 9600 or AT + IPR = xxxx

-interface: TTL

-Commands: Regular AT Commands

-Connector: 5V, GND, TxD, RxD

-Antenna: Please solder copper wire to board or use IPEX socket

-Temperature: -30 to 80 C

-Function: Send Receive SMS & GPRS Data

Excellent for remote sensing, experiments, alarms and music data collection. The control port is a regular serial port. You can connect it directly to a microconoller such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi or you can use a USB to serial adapter and send commands directly from a computer.
Product condition: New