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Bright Red LED 150mcd T1-3/4 (5mm) - 3 Pack

3 Pack of Bright T1-3/4 LEDs for general purpose applications. Looking for an LED that is better suited for use as an indicator rather than blinding illumination? Our bright red 150mcd LEDs are a great alternative to ultrabright LEDs. Perfect for hobby projects and experimentation. Bright LEDs are an excellent choice for science fair projects. They are water-clear but with a slight tint.

  • Peak Luminous Intensity: 150 milli-candelas
  • Total Luminous Flux: 21 milli-lumens
  • Package Size: 5mm (T1-3/4)
  • Forward Voltage: 2.2 Volts
  • Forward Current: 20mA
  • Viewing Angle: 24°

Current limiting resistors are not included.
Vetco stocks a full inventory of resistors if you need to purchase them.

QTY: 3 LEDs (1x Bright Red LED 150mcd T1-3/4 (5mm) - 3 Pack)
Product condition: New