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This module contains a 5-volt regulator and a 3.3-volt regulator. It plugs into your breadboard and injects regulated DC voltage into the breadboard's power rails. Simply provide 6.5 - 12 volts of unregulated power into the onboard 2.1mm barrel jack. A switch for each pair of rails (upper and lower) selects whether that pair receives 5 volts or 3.3 volts. The onboard micro USB connector is connected to the 5-volt bus - useful for powering USB devices. A dual-row male header provides access to 3.3-volts, 5-volts, and GND for powering external peripherals. There is an onboard power switch and power indicator light. The concave design allows you to power your breadboard without wasting any valuable space!

Caution! - Do not exceed 12VDC input power. If you are using an unregulated 12VDC supply, please measure the voltage first to be sure it is not higher than 12VDC. Supplying more than 12VDC will damage the onboard voltage regulators.

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