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ORANGE XS Case by B&W International
B&W International Part Number: 2.1020

B&W International, known worldwide as a manufacturer of rugged carrying cases is proud to introduce the XS-Case. The XS is designed to protect Digital Cameras, PDA's, Mobile Phones and MP3-Players. More and more cell phones have taken the place of a digital camera, MP3 Player, or a personal computer. The XS-Case made by B&W protects this crucial personal technology in all climates situations. Whether you're at the beach, rock climbing, back packing, fishing, Hunting or water skiing, the XS-Case provides piece of mind with nothing left behind.

The rugged ABS XS-Case is break-proof, shock-resistant, water resistant and dust-proof and it is equipped with an essential pressure release valve. With a one-handed snap closure the XS-Case is easy for anyone to use. The XS case can be worn as a belt pouch or over your shoulder as the carrying strap can be adjusted to fit any user.

  • The perfect solution for your valuables while hiking, skiing, traveling, etc.
  • Tough ABS plastic exterior
  • Strong latch
  • Detachable nylon strap
  • Crush-proof
  • Dust-proof
  • Water resistant
  • Durable O-Ring Seal
  • Lightweight design

Inside dimensions: 120mm x 75mm x 45 mm
Outside Dimensions: 145mm x 100mm x 55mm


    QTY: 1 Case. Includes strap, belt clip, padded inserts with elastic and velcro.

  • Product condition: New