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Audio / Sound Sensor for Arduino

This neat little board is a great way to detect sounds with an Arduino or other Microcontroller. It's a simple and effective way to detect a loud percussive sound like a clap or a knock.

An onboard LM393 comparator IC compares the signal from the microphone with an adjustable reference voltage. Whenever the microphone's voltage exceeds the reference voltage, the comparator's output goes high. The reference voltage is set by adjusting the 100K trimmer pot. Only 3 wires are necessary for operation, Ground, Voltage + (5VDC) and a Digital Pin. It also includes an Analog Output pin that provides access to the microphone's output voltage, but this is not needed for most applications.

Why buy a clap on/ clap off switch from those late-night television ads when you could put your Arduino to work and build your own? We couldn't think of a reason either.

QTY: 1 x Audio / Sound Sensor for Arduino

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