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Aero M 3600MFD 450V DC Capacitor E10005

These are great capacitors.

They are rated at:
-And up to 450V DC.
-Treads: 1/4-28 (Screws and male screw posts are NOT included)


Type A is the manufacturer part number E10005 or E10003 8.65 inches tall by 3 inches in diameter (Slightly longer)

Type B is the manufacturer part number E10006 6.65 inches tall by 3 inches in diameter (Slightly shorter)

Part numbers may slightly differ on the last digit for both sizes.

These are great for your car audio system, or fun experiments at home (Please be very safe). They are also AMAZING power supply filter capacitors if you are making your own home built power supply OR are trying to smooth out a power supply you already have.

Maybe you are making a coil gun or a rail gun? These would be a great power source!

Though these are brand new and never used, they have been sitting in storage for a bit and may have some dust on them. And though they are new, un-used, we don't have the proper equipment to test them. So we can't tell you the internal resistance, or the ESR or their current tested capacity. All we know is the manufacturer rated information. Because of that, we are selling these at an amazing price, including free shipping!

Amazing capacitors like this don't come up very often, so act while you can. Especially at this rare price.

You are looking at our listing for a SINGLE unit, but you can order as many as you like.

These are potentially VERY dangerous in the wrong or un-educated hands. These can kill you or others if proper safety precautions aren't followed. Vetco Electronics is not responsible for what you use these for or any damages caused from misuse.

One per pack.

Click here to read the California regulatory warning.