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Addressable RGB LED String (50 LED, ready to go!)

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Product Description

Pre-assembled individually addressable LED light string!
Integrated pre-programmed, re-programmable Arduino Pro Micro.


            These are ready to go LED strings. You don't need to do anything for them to work! However, you can also reprogram them using the Arduino IDE and the FAST-LED library. You can even use the example code in the library to upload other flashing patterns and other cool code to the Arduino Pro Micro that is included on-board. There are 50 RGB individually addressable LEDs on this string. This is a great learning tool!


-Micro-controller: Arduino Pro Micro (shows up as Leonardo)
-50 LED WS2811 addressable sting (draws about 700 mA at max)
-5 volt regulated USB power supply
-6 foot male to male USB cable (you can get longer ones from us)

See a video in our Dropbox of these running!

Some notes (please read):

-You must ONLY supply 5 volts DC to this string. The Arduino Pro Micro is NOT running through a voltage regulator. Therefore, if you over-volt the LED string, you will kill the Arduino. (and possibly the LED string)
-This string is NOT waterproof. The Main part of the sting is water-resistant. However, the area that the Pro Micro is located is not even close to water-resistant. If you let it get wet, it will most certainly fail. Don't even put it in a high humidity area.
-You must Google and locate the FAST-LED library and download it for use in your installation of the Arduino IDE.
-These strings work almost exactly like the NeoPixel.
-A 200 ohm resistor has been added on the data pin 5 coming out of the Pro Micro, before the string.
-There is a switch, next to the USB ports at the beginning of the string, which allows you to disconnect the ground of the LED string from the Pro Micro. This allows you to program the Pro Micro with out the amperage draw of the entire sting. You can also use this to power off the Pro Micro while the string is running. This will cause the string to halt in the last state it was in. (kind of cool).
-You can extend these strings with the plugs on the end. However, if you do this you MUST supply more power for additional strings. You must also re-program the Pro Micro for this. Currently the program that is written to the Pro Micro is told that there are only 50 LED on this string. If you add 50 more, you need to re-write the program to account for 100 LEDs. There are many guides for this online.

-These are custom built strings. Manufactur takes some time. If you think you need a bunch of these, or need these strings quickly, please call or email us to check stock.

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