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AC/DC Voltage & Continuity Tester, Handheld

Part number: VUPN7418
manufacturer: Amprobe
manufacturer part number: VPC-10
This hand-held voltage and continuity tester is a good general purpose tool for basic troubleshooting of AC and DC systems. It is equally suited for automotive and home use. Batteries are included, and this device has a CATIII safety rating.

  • Extremely easy to use, no buttons, no set-ups
  • Automatically turns on and off
  • Automatically selects AC voltage, DC voltage or continuity
  • Indicates seven levels of AC or DC voltage
  • Polarity indication
  • Continuity buzzer
  • Visual continuity indication (LED)

QTY: 1 x AC/DC Voltage & Continuity Tester, Handheld.
Product condition: New