840 Point Solderless Breadboard - Highest Quality
Ecl 900 247

840 Point Solderless Breadboard - Highest Quality

Part number: ECL-900-247
This breadboard features twin columns of 5 x 64 terminals, separated by a 0.3" center channel. It also has 2 expansion strips that run the length of the board, for 4 buses of 25 connected terminals are arranged in 4 rows - These provide an easy way to get power and ground to your circuit. The bussed strips are removable. This breadboard is constructed from sturdy ABS plastic and the internal interconnects are nickel plated phosphor bronze. The contact resistance is less than 1 million at 1kHz. A key and socket design allows additional breadboards to be attached for easy expansion. This is a high quality "Round Hole" style breadboard and has silk-screened row and column indicators..

Tested to over 10,000 cycles. Suitable for 20-30AWG wire and all DIP sized components.

Recommended Wire Jumper Set: VE-WJW70 $10.90

  • Number of Tie-Points: 840
  • Overall Dimensions: 6.6" x 2.2" x 0.4"

    QTY: 1 Breadboard
  • Product condition: New