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NTE Semiconductors

NTE Part Number: NTE5072A
Description: ZD-8.2 V, 1 W
QTY Per Package: 1

Call or email us for stock status.
There is a 1-2 week lead-time for out of stock items.

Click here for the datasheet for NTE5072A.
If this datasheet link is broken, the datasheet may still be available at
This part is the equivalent replacement for the following:
000072180, 001-0152-00, 001-0161-00, 0011193, 029-KC, 029-KG, 02Z8.2, 02Z-8.2A, 02Z8.2A, 05-04800-02, 0514-047970, 05-540008, 05-540082, 05-950081, 05Z8.2, 05Z8.2X, 09-15085-0, 09-306042(ZENER), 09-306196, 09-306238, 09-306242, 09-306277, 09-306314, 09-306354, 09-306356, 09-306378, 09-306381, 0A01-08R, 0AZ206, 100-219, 100-521, 1029-KG, 1042-19, 1048-9839, 1074-122, 10D08, 1221900, 1224970, 123-019, 123B-004, 148781, 152-042-9-001, 152-042-9-001(ZNR), 152-054-9-001, 156215, 157-009-9-001, 161046, 175043-069, 18410-43, 18600-54, 1902-1170, 192-829(MAG-ZENER), 1956197, 1DA1Z8.2A, 1DA1Z8.2B, 1DA1Z8.2C, 1DA1Z8.2O, 1DAZ3401, 1DAZ3401A, 1DAZ3401B, 1DAZ3401C, 1DAZ3401O, 1EZ8.2D, 1EZ8.2D10, 1EZ8.2D5, 1EZ8.2T10, 1M8.2Z, 1M8.2Z10, 1M8.2Z5, 1M8.2ZS10, 1M8.2ZS5, 1N1425, 1N1511, 1N1511A, 1N1522, 1N1522A, 1N1769, 1N1769A, 1N1875, 1N1875A, 1N1875B, 1N1931B, 1N2035A, 1N3018, 1N3018A, 1N3018B, 1N3018BA, 1N3401-O, 1N3433, 1N3445, 1N3677, 1N3677A, 1N3677B, 1N4160, 1N4160A, 1N4160B, 1N4325, 1N4325A, 1N4325B, 1N4402, 1N4402A, 1N4402B, 1N4630, 1N4659, 1N4738, 1N4738A, 1N5237B, 1N5561, 1N5561A, 1N5561B, 1N5889A, 1R8.2, 1R8.2A, 1R8.2B, 1S1164, 1S193, 1S1958, 1S2115, 1S2115A, 1S2190, 1S2191, 1S2192, 1S2492, 1S3008, 1S333, 1S333Y, 1S550, 1S551, 1S694, 1TA8.2, 1TA8.2A, 1TA8.2B, 1Z8.2, 1Z8.2A, 1Z8.2B, 1Z8.2T10, 1Z8.2T20, 1Z8.2T5, 1Z8.3, 1ZC8.2T10, 1ZC8.2T20, 1ZC8.2T5, 1ZD8-2, 1ZD8.2, 1ZD825, 1ZD82S, 1ZD8.2V, 1ZD8-5, 1ZD892, 1ZM8.2T5, 1ZS7.5A, 2002209-11, 201A0723, 2064-17, 2079-42, 2092055-0002, 2092055-0017, 2092055-0027, 2092055-0712, 216024, 2161-17, 21A037-012, 21Z6AF, 21Z6F, 2203, 2203-17, 2-2105, 2247-7, 23115277, 23115374, 23115987, 232-0015, 2330307, 2339-17, 2343-17, 2451-17, 245117, 25810-54, 25840-54, .25T8.2, .25T8.2A, 260-10-044, 26010044, 264P10505, 264P846020, 28810-65, 3136/5072A, 32-0025, 337-02004, 3597762, 3598161, 3599095, 36003034, 37510-54, 3L4-3505-1, 3L4-3506-7, 412(ZENER), 445108, 46-41763C01, 46-86442-3, 46-86483-3(ZENER), 48-03073A06, 4808-0000-009, 4809-0000-009, 48-134912, 48-137421, 4822-130-31035, 482213031035, 4835-130-37236, 483513037236, 48-40458A06, 48-40458A064, 48-41763C01, 48-41763C02, 48-41763C03, 48-41763C1, 48-41873J01, 4-856, 48-84309A02, 48-84553A07, 48-90229A81, 48A40458A06, 48C82256C16, 48P83624E25, 48P83624E57, 48S134912, 48S137021, 48S137021(10), 48S14873J01, .4T8.2, .4T8.2A, .4T8.2B, 5001-130, 51-02006-12, 514-047970, 523-2003-829, 523-2005-829, 523-2503-829, 5301921829, 530192-829, 5322-130-33635, 533213033635, 5390620829, 539090710, 561-2560-756, 561-2597-381, 56-4885, 56-54, 578.2, 6115, 6115(G.E.), 6115(GE), 6115(ZENER), 63-8825, 63-9783, 6DM, 7201090, 7202782, .728.2A, .728.2B, .728.2C, 7287079, 7296476, 7297258, 73010780, 7305469, 741869, 741870, 742922, 754-5700-282, 754-5710-219, 754-5750-282, 754-5850-284, 754-8500-380, 754-9000-082, 7910111-01, .7JZ8.2, .7Z8.2, .7Z8.2A, .7Z8.2B, .7Z8.2C, .7Z8.2D, .7ZM8.2, .7ZM8.2A, .7ZM8.2B, .7ZM8.2C, .7ZM8.2D, 809-20, 81-46123044-3, 82-481-638-01, 86-114-1, 86-135-1, 8-719-935-08, 88060-54, 88510-54, 8910-54, 8-9V, 8Z9HA, 919-01-1214, 93018, 935-6330, 9528638, A1-101-420-015, A1-DHZ-LAA-021, A514-047970, A7110207, A72-86-700, AW-01-08, AW01-08, AW01-08J, AW91-08, AZ-077, AZ-079, AZ-081, AZ-083, B-1808, B1-8.2, BZ-077, BZ-079, BZ080, BZ-0800, BZ-081, BZ081, BZ-083, BZ085, BZV17C8V2, BZV85C8V2, BZX29C8V2, BZX58C8V2, BZX63C8V2, BZX69C8V2, BZX80C8V2, BZX85C8V2, BZX89C8V2, BZY85B8V2, BZY92C8V2, C02, CD3112018, CI-8.2, CO2, CXL5016, CXL5072, CZ8.2B, D024, D1A(ZENER), D1U, D6M, D7S, DDAY008003, DIA, DS-149, DS149, DS-49, DX-0729, DX-0736, DX-081, DX0991, DX-2061, DZ-081, DZ0820, DZ2(8.2A), DZB8.2, DZB8.2C, ECG5072, ECG5072A, EDZ-0041, EDZ-14, EDZ-24, EE5A-8.2, ELP8.2, EQB-01-08, EQB01-08, EUZ-82, EW16X259, EZ8(ELCOM), FD-1029-KG, GE-X11, GEZD-8.0, GEZD-8.1, GEZD-8.2, GLA82B, GXI8.2, GZ1-8.2, GZB8.2, GZB8.2B, HD3000409, HD3003109, HEPZ0217, HEP-Z0411, HEPZ0411, HW8.2, HW8.2A, HZ5237, HZ8.2P, HZ8.2PB, IDA1Z8.2B, IDAZ3401B, IW01-08J, JZ8.2B, KO-09D-443-536, KS082A, KS2082A, KZ-8A, LNA382A, LPM8.2A, LR82C, LVA382A, LVA82A, LZZ1-8.2, MA1082, MA2082, MB6356, MC6012A, MC6112A, MDCZ8.2D, MDCZ8.2D10, MDCZA8.2D, MDCZA8.2D10, MDCZA8.2D5, MDCZB8.2D, MDCZB8.2D5, MDCZC8.2D10, MDCZC8.2D5, MDCZD8.2D, MDCZD8.2D10, MDCZD8.2D5, MDCZE8.2D, MDCZE8.2D10, MDCZE8.2D5, MDCZF8.2D, MDCZF8.2D10, MDCZF8.2D5, MDCZG8.2D, MDCZG8.2D10, MDCZG8.2D5, ME408-02C, MEZ1-8.2, MGLA8.2, MGLA82, MGLA8.2A, MGLA82A, MGLA8.2B, MGLA82B, MLNA382, MLNA382A, MLNA382B, MLV756A, MTZ612A, MZ-08, MZ1008, MZ-208, MZ208, MZ408-02C, MZ408A, MZ408B, MZ-8, MZ8, NT50C8V2, NT5518, NT55C8V2, NTE5072A, O2Z8.2A, O5Z8.2, O5Z8.2U, PL-152-042-9-001, PL-152-054-9-001, PS10018B, PS10062, QA01-082, QA01-08R, QD-ZMZ408CE, R-1S333Y, RD-082, RD082, RD-13AL, RD-2.2E, RD8, RD8.2, RD-8.2A, RD8.2C, RD-8.2E, RD-8.2EB, RD-8.2E(C), RD8.2ED, RD8.2EK, RD8.2F, RD8.2FA, RD-8.2FB, RD8.2FB, RD8.2FB2, RD8.2FB3, RD8.2FC, RD-8.2HD, RD8.2M, RD8R2EC, RD8R2FB3, RE-112, RE112, REN5072, RF-8.2E, RF8.2E, RH-EX0309CEZZ, RT6105, RT6105(G.E.), RT6923, RVD1N4738, RVDRD8R2EC, S5237B, SD-8(ZENER), SK3136, SK3136/5072A, SK8V2, SK8V2/5072A, SV40, SVD0278.2A, SVD02Z8, SVD02Z8.2, SVD02Z8.2A, SZ200-8.2, SZ8.2B, TM5072, TM5072A, TVSD8.2EB1, TVSYZ-080, TVSYZ080, UDZ8708, UZ1-8.2, UZ8.2, UZ-82B, UZ8.2B, UZ8.2V, UZ8708, UZ8808, UZL-8.2, UZP-8.2B, VHEMTZJ8R2A-1, VHERD8R2JB2-1, VR8.2, VR8.2A, VR8.2B, VZ82CH, W1-079, W1-081, W1-083, W1-085, W2-079, W2-081, W2-083, W2-085, W4-079, W4-081, W4-083, W4-085, W8-079, W8-081, W8-083, W8-085, W9-079, W9-081, W9-083, W9-085, WA-079, WA-079A, WA-079B, WA-079C, WA-079D, WA-081, WA-081A, WA-081B, WA-081C, WA-081D, WA-083, WA-083A, WA-083B, WA-083C, WA-083D, WA-085, WA-085A, WA-085B, WA-085C, WA-085D, WB-079, WB-079A, WB-079B, WB-079C, WB-081, WB-081A, WB-081B, WB-081C, WB-081D, WB-083, WB-083A, WB-083B, WB-083C, WB-083D, WB-085, WB-085A, WB-085B, WB-085C, WB-085D, WC-079, WC-079A, WC-079B, WC-079C, WC-079D, WC-081, WC-081A, WC-081B, WC-081C, WC-081D, WC-083, WC-083A, WC-083B, WC-083C, WC-083D, WC-085, WC-085A, WC-085B, WC-085C, WC-085D, WD-079, WD-079A, WD-079B, WD-079C, WD-079D, WD-081, WD-081A, WD-081B, WD-081C, WD-081D, WD-083, WD-083A, WD-083B, WD-083C, WD-083D, WD-085, WD-085A, WD-085B, WD-085C, WD-085D, WE-079, WE-079A, WE-079B, WE-079C, WE-079D, WE-081, WE081, WE-081A, WE-081B, WE-081C, WE-081D, WE-083, WE-083A, WE-083B, WE-083C, WE-083D, WE-085, WE-085A, WE-085B, WE-085C, WE-085D, WEP1010, WEP1108, WF-079, WF-079A, WF-079B, WF-079C, WF-079D, WF-081, WF-081A, WF-081B, WF-081C, WF-081D, WF-083, WF-083A, WF-083B, WF-083C, WF-083D, WF-085, WF-085B, WF-085C, WF-085D, WF-110, WG-079, WG-079A, WG-079B, WG-079C, WG-079D, WG-081, WG-081A, WG-081B, WG-081C, WG-081D, WG-083, WG-083A, WG-083B, WG-083C, WG-083D, WG-085, WG-085A, WG-085B, WG-085C, WG-085D, WH-079, WH-079A, WH-079B, WH-079C, WH-079D, WH-081, WH-081A, WH-081B, WH-081C, WH-081D, WH-083, WH-083A, WH-083B, WH-083C, WH-083D, WH-085, WH-085A, WH-085B, WH-085C, WH-085D, WI-079, WI-079A, WI-079B, WI-079C, WI-079D, WI-081, WI-081A, WI-081B, WI-081C, WI-081D, WI-083A, WI-083B, WI-083C, WI-083D, WI-085, WI-085A, WI-085B, WI-085C, WI-085D, WJ-079, WJ-079A, WJ-079B, WJ-079C, WJ-079D, WJ-081, WJ-081A, WJ-081B, WJ-081C, WJ-081D, WJ-083, WJ-083A, WJ-083B, WJ-083C, WJ-083D, WJ-085, WJ-085B, WJ-085C, WJ-085D, WK-079, WK-079A, WK-079B, WK-079C, WK-079D, WK-081, WK-081A, WK-081B, WK-081C, WK-081D, WK-083, WK-083A, WK-083B, WK-083C, WK-083D, WK-085, WK-085A, WK-085B, WK-085C, WK-085D, WL-079A, WL-079B, WL-079C, WL-079D, WL-081, WL-081A, WL-081B, WL-081C, WL-081D, WL-083, WL-083A, WL-083B, WL-083C, WL-083D, WL-085, WL-085A, WL-085B, WL-085C, WL-085D, WM-079, WM-079A, WM-079B, WM-079C, WM-079D, WM-081, WM-081A, WM-081B, WM-081C, WM-081D, WM-083, WM-083A, WM-083B, WM-083C, WM-083D, WM-085, WM-085A, WM-085B, WM-085C, WM-085D, WN-079, WN-079A, WN-079B, WN-079C, WN-079D, WN-081, WN-081A, WN-081B, WN-081C, WN-081D, WN-083, WN-083A, WN-083B, WN-083C, WN-083D, WN-085, WN-085A, WN-085B, WN-085C, WN-085D, WO-079, WO-079A, WO-079B, WO-079C, WO-079D, WO-081, WO-081A, WO-081B, WO-081C, WO-081D, WO-083, WO-083A, WO-083B, WO-083C, WO-083D, WO-085, WO-085A, WO-085B, WO-085C, WO-085D, WP-079, WP-079A, WP-079B, WP-079C, WP-079D, WP-081, WP-081A, WP-081B, WP-081C, WP-081D, WP-083, WP-083A, WP-083B, WP-083C, WP-083D, WP-085, WP-085A, WP-085B, WP-085C, WP-085D, WQ-079, WQ-079A, WQ-079B, WQ-079C, WQ-079D, WQ-081, WQ-081A, WQ-081B, WQ-081C, WQ-081D, WQ-083, WQ-083A, WQ-083B, WQ-083C, WQ-083D, WQ-085, WQ-085A, WQ-085B, WQ-085C, WQ-085D, WR-079, WR-079A, WR-079B, WR-079C, WR-079D, WR-081, WR-081A, WR-081B, WR-081C, WR-081D, WR-083, WR-083A, WR-083B, WR-083C, WR-083D, WR-085, WR-085A, WR-085B, WR-085C, WR-085D, WS-079, WS-079A, WS-079B, WS-079C, WS-079D, WS-081, WS-081A, WS-081B, WS-081C, WS-081D, WS-083, WS-083A, WS-083B, WS-083C, WS-083D, WS-085, WS-085A, WS-085B, WS-085C, WS-085D, WT-079, WT-079A, WT-079B, WT-079C, WT-079D, WT-081, WT-081A, WT-081B, WT-081C, WT-081D, WT-083, WT-083A, WT-083B, WT-083C, WT-083D, WT-085, WT-085A, WT-085B, WT-085C, WT-085D, WU-079, WU-079A, WU-079B, WU-079C, WU-079D, WU-081, WU-081A, WU-081B, WU-081C, WU-081D, WU-083, WU-083A, WU-083B, WU-083C, WU-083D, WU-085, WU-085A, WU-085B, WU-085C, WU-085D, WV-079, WV-079A, WV-079B, WV-079C, WV-079D, WV-081, WV-081A, WV-081B, WV-081C, WV-081D, WV-083, WV-083A, WV-083B, WV-083C, WV-083D, WV-085, WV-085A, WV-085B, WV-085C, WV-085D, WW-079, WW-079A, WW-079B, WW-079C, WW-079D, WW-081, WW-081A, WW-081B, WW-081C, WW-081D, WW-083, WW-083A, WW-083B, WW-083C, WW-083D, WW-085, WW-085A, WW-085B, WW-085C, WW-085D, WX-079, WX-079A, WX-079B, WX-079C, WX-079D, WX-081, WX-081A, WX-081B, WX-081C, WX-081D, WX-083, WX-083A, WX-083B, WX-083C, WX-083D, WX-085, WX-085A, WX-085B, WX-085C, WX-085D, WY-079, WY-079A, WY-079B, WY-079C, WY-079D, WY-081, WY-081A, WY-081B, WY-081C, WY-081D, WY-083, WY-083A, WY-083B, WY-083C, WY-083D, WY-085, WY-085A, WY-085B, WY-085C, WY-085D, WZ-079A, WZ-081, WZ081, WZ-081A, WZ083, WZ-083A, WZ-085A, X0256, X0256(GOTTLIEB), XZ-064, XZ064, XZ-080, XZ-082, XZ084, YAAD001, YAAD001(ZENER), YAAD017, YAAD021, YEAD010, YEAD014, YEAD024, YZ-080, Z0217, Z0411, Z101, Z1108, Z1108-C, Z1A8.2, Z1A8.2A, Z1A8.2B, Z2A82F, Z4738A, Z4A8.2, Z4B8.2, Z8.2A, Z8.2B, Z8.2C, Z8.2D, ZA8.2, ZA8.2A, ZA8.2B, ZB8.2A, ZB8.2B, ZD8.2, ZD8.2B, ZF-8.2, ZF8.2 (Minor mechanical difference exists, but device will fit most applications.), ZF8.2P, ZF8A, ZH8.2B, ZM8.2, ZM8.2A, ZM8.2B, ZM8.2C, ZM8.2D, ZP8.2, ZPY8.2, ZSF88.2, ZW8.2, ZY8.2

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