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0.75" Raceway Inside Corner

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Product Description

Raceway, also known as wiremolding, is the perfect way to run cables along a wall, ceiling or other flat surface when running cables in-wall or through conduit is not possible. It is unobtrusive, paintable and has a range of accessories available to fit just about any installation requirement. Our raceway can be cut with a hacksaw and installs in seconds thanks to the self-adhesive backing. The plastic color is white and matches most white surfaces without looking gaudy.
  • The width of this raceway is: 0.75" (19mm)
This is a INSIDE CORNER - It is used to connect two pieces of raceway channel where they meet at a 90 degree inside corner, such as a wall to ceiling, or bridge the corner between two walls. Installation is simple - simply press and snap the piece into place over the raceway.

QTY: 1 x Inside Corner for 0.75" Diameter Raceway.

Product condition: New