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65MHz Oscilloscope Probe

Part number: EL-P-1E
65MHz Oscilloscope Probe
Elenco Part Number: P-1E

This quality Oscilloscope Probe features 1x and 10x attenuation settings. It includes a ground clip and several probe tips in a re-usable accessory/storage pouch. The cable is 46" long and is terminated with a standard BNC male connector.

  • Complete probe set, for measurements up to 65MHz
  • Attenuation: 1:1 or 1:10
  • Safety: 600V CATI / 300V CATII
  • Position x1:
    • Attenuation: 1:1
    • Bandwidth: DC to 25MHz
    • Rise time: 14nS
    • Input resistance: 1Mohm (input resistance scope)
    • Input capacitance: cap. scope 46pF
    • Working voltage: 300V CATI, 150V CATII DC incl. peak AC derating with frequency
    • Position REF: tip disconnected, scope input at ground
  • Position x10:
    • Attenuation: 1:10
    • Bandwidth: DC to 65MHz
    • Rise time: 5.5nS
    • Input resistance: 10Mohm (if scope input = 1Mohm)
    • Input capacitance: 12pF approx.
    • Working voltage: 600V CATI, 300V CATII DC incl. peak AC derating with frequency
    • Compensation range: 10 to 35pF
  • Cable length: 4ft
QTY: 1 x 65MHz Oscilloscope Probe. Includes instruction/spec sheet and accessories.
Product condition: New