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This is a really cool giant LED matrix. It gives you a huge space to display your simple single color images or text. Larger programs written for this tend to slow or freeze the UNO, so we recommend the MEGA 2560 to run this. Thats what we are using on the in store display.


The Arduinos aren't included, but we sell those too! You can also use this with a Raspberry Pi or other capable microcontroller as long as you know what you are doing. We can't offer help with that. But its super cool that you can do it if you are so inclined.


You MUST supply 5V power to the panel. This can NOT be powered off the Arduino or you will kill your Arduino.


I have attached the sample code that we are using in our store, so you can try it at home. Its important to note that we did NOT write this code and credit belongs to someone else.


Have a look in our Dropbox here:


We will get these files uploaded directly to our website ASAP. Email us about broken links.


F3.75 Single Color 64 X 32 matrix displays
Red pixels
Driver IC : 74HC245 74HC595 74HC138 74HC04 APM4953
Can display variety of patterns and characters
Provided Arduino code(Include Two types of code:UNO & MEGA2560)
Best viewing distance: >=5M
Dot matrix size: 3.75MM
Dot matrix spacing:4.75MM
Size: 304MM x 152MM
USE for Arduino MEGA2560 OR UNO(Does not include Arduino MEGA2560) Or other compatible and capable micro controller.


NOTE: Vetco can not offer technical assistance on this product.




Product condition: New

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -