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6 Piece iPhone 3/4 Disassembly Kit

This kit contains the tools required to open and disassemble iPhone 3 and iPhone 4 cellular phones. This is a great kit if you need to repair components, swap cases, screens or batteries. These tools are also useful for opening many other types of cell phones and portable devices.

This kit includes the following tools:
  • TS1 (T1 Torx Security Driver)
  • #000 x 40mm Phillips Screwdriver
  • 2 x Polyoxymethlene (POM) opening levers for leverage while opening the plastic phone case without damage
  • Miniature Suction Cup for removing/installing glass without fingerprints or marks
  • Prying Paddle to assist in opening the case without scratches or damage

This tool set makes an excellent addition to any toolbox. It is useful for opening all sorts of modern, handheld consumer devices. Our tools allow you to void your device warranty ignore any stickers that say "No User Serviceable Components Inside".

QTY: 1 x 6 Piece iPhone 3/4 Disassembly Kit
Product condition: New