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50 Watt Butane Soldering Iron
NTE Part Number: J-500

Portable, refillable butane soldering iron/torch. This is a great companion to take along for field service. This tool will allow you to solder wires and heat shrink tubing in the field.
  • Soldering temperature range: 410°F - 750°F
  • Torch temperature: 2500°F.
  • Operating Time: Up to 30 minutes
This is the equivalent of a 30 - 70 watt conventional soldering iron.
This set includes the following: Ignitor cap, JT-001 Soldering Tip, Attached safety stand.

We sell these replacement tips:

One year warranty through NTE.
QTY: 1 Tool. Butane not included (NTE-RX7000 Butane available through Vetco

Product condition: New