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5-Pin to 11-Pin Micro-USB Adapter (For Samsung Galaxy Series MHL)

Unlike most MHL-Enabled tablets, the Samsung Galaxy SIII, note and Tab still do not send its MHL signals through the five pins of the standard micro-USB connector. Rather, the Samsung's MHL signals appear within its micro-USB jack on an extra, non-standard row of pins that are dedicated for carrying MHL signals. This 11-pin variant of the micro-USB jack will mate with a standard 5-pin micro-USB plug, but the MHL-specific pins can only be contacted by a non-standard 11-pin micro-USB plug, like the one on the male end of this 5-pin to 11-pin micro-USB adapter.

This adapter connects the MHL-specific pins in the 11-pin micro-USB plug on one end of the adapter, to the standard pins in the 5-pin micro-USB jack on the other end of the adapter. This adapter will allow your Samsung Galaxy SIII to work with any of the widely available micro-USB-to-HDMI MHL adapters.

QTY: 1 x 5-Pin to 11-Pin Micro-USB Adapter (For Samsung Galaxy Series MHL)
Product condition: New