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3 Way VGA Switchbox

Part number: PAN-ABM-15HD-3
3 Way VGA Switch Box
This VGA switch box is the best way to switch multiple VGA sources to one output. (It can also be used in reverse - switch between multiple displays/outputs from a single source). VGA switch boxes like this are most often found in conference rooms, home theaters and computer labs.
This box switches 3 sources to one display (or 3 displays between one source).
Switching between VGA sources is as easy as turning the knob on the front of the switch box.

This is a compact switch box, and will fit just about anywhere. The overall size is only: 6" wide x 2+1/4" tall x 4" deep.

This box has female VGA (DB15HD) connectors. Use standard male VGA cables to plug into this switch box.

QTY: 1 x 3 Way VGA Switch Box

Product condition: New