3.7v Li-ion Battery - LS 18650 - 2600 mAh

3.7v Li-ion Battery - LS 18650 - 2600 mAh

Part number: VUPN10104
NOTICE:This item is currently on back order. And is being acquired from a higher quality source. Feel free to order this item, but be aware it is on back order.
This is a Lithium ion 18650 battery, generally used in some LED flashlights, robotics, laptop batteries, portable cell phone chargers and E-cigs.

  • Genuine guaranteed high quality
  • 3.7V
  • 2600 mAh
  • High energy density
  • Re/Discharging protection circuit
  • No "memory effect"
  • Low reoccurring operation cost
  • Short-circuit and over-current protection
  • Shelf-life of roughly 10 years
  • More environmentally friendly because of rechargeability
Product condition: New