3.0 / 6.5 MFD 250VAC Motor Start Capacitor
Nte cfc 3 6

3.0 / 6.5 MFD 250VAC Motor Start Capacitor

Part number: NTE-CFC-3/6.5
3 μF + 6.5 μF (MFD) 250VAC Motor Start Capacitor
NTE Part Number: CFC-3/6.5

The CFC series is a range of metallized polyester film capacitors designed expressly for ceiling fan use. They are a self-healing flat capacitor winding with polyester film dielectric. They are mounted in a flame retardent plastic case with an epoxy resin end-seal. The CFC series are also used in other electric fans and in fluorescent lamps.
Dual Capacitor
3 Wire Hookup (4" Leads)
Dimensions: 2.017" (51MM)L x 1.258" (32MM)H x .866" (22MM) W

For detailed information, please see the Datasheet HERE


Capacitance: 3.0 / 6.5 MFD (μF)
Voltage: 125 / 250 VAC
Operating Temperature: -25 °C to +70°C Insulation Resistance (at 20°C): Between Terminals: ≥ 1000M Ohm
Between Terminals and Case: ≥ 2000M Ohm

QTY: 1 Capacitor
Product condition: New