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1W White CREE 12VDC LED Module - 2 Pack + 12VDC Power Supply

Part number: VUPN7981
manufacturer: Philmore
manufacturer part number: Z2900

Two powerful, 1 Watt Bright White CREE LEDs mounted in separately in a sealed/spashproof (IP65 Rated) plastic housing and a 12VDC 300mA Wall Wart style power supply with a solderless terminal block. Connecting to these LEDs requires no soldering - use the terminal block to secure your wires.
These LEDs are perfect for adding aditional light to a workspace, cabinet, automobile, etc. The genuine CREE 5074 Sized SMD LEDs provide a brilliant bright white light, and include both adhesive backed tape and screw mounting tabs, enabling them to be mounted anywhere. Each LED draws 100mA of current at 12VDC (1.2W).

The LEDs are wired together in parallel, separated by 4.5" of 20AWG wire. This wire can easily be cut and extended using the included wirenuts. Use wire 20AWG or larger to extend.

CRI >75
Luminous (lm/W) >67
Working Voltage >12VDC
Working Current >100mA
Operating Temperature -13 to +140°F
Color Temperature >6000K
Beam Angle >115°
Luminous Flux >80lm

Each LED moudle is 40mm x 40mm x 6mm High

This is a ready-to-go set that contains everything you need to get up and running.
QTY: 1 Set, includes 2 1W LEDS, 12VDC power supply and 2 wire nuts.
Product condition: New