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196uF 2200 Volt Energy Discharge Capacitor

Part number: VET-AEROVOX-CAP
196uF 2200 Volt Energy Discharge Capacitor

This is an extremely high quality capacitor that was received as new manufacturer excess from a local manufacturing company. These capacitors are designed for rapid energy discharge. Metal can type. Includes 6" 22AWG wire leads. Great for physics labs, High Voltage experiments, etc.

  • Aerovox Part Number: QL232EW196V21A
  • Capacitance: 196uF
  • Voltage: 2200 VDC
  • Tolerance: +5% -0%

    Please note the remaining capacitors are cylindrical
    Dimensions: 2.625" Diameter x 4.875" Tall (5.125" with the screw connectors)

    Limited Quantity Available. Once they're gone, they're gone!
    QTY: 1 Capacitor

  • Product condition: New