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NTE Semiconductors

NTE Part Number: NTE5077A
Description: ZD-18.0 V, 1 W
QTY Per Package: 1

QTY In Stock: 544
There is a 1-2 week lead-time for out of stock items.

Click here for the datasheet for NTE5077A.
If this datasheet link is broken, the datasheet may still be available at
This part is the equivalent replacement for the following:
029-KH, 029-MS, 02Z18A, 05-95017, 05-950177, 05Z18, 09-306355, 1029-MS, 103-252, 103-279-27, 130132, 134882256353, 13-4883461-518, 134883461537, 13B14746-01, 141187, 142417, 14-515-05, 14-515-14, 1477046-10, 1/4M18Z5, 156213, 1900-0006, 190207, 1902-1180, 1902-1278, 192-180(MAG-ZENER), 193159, 196211, 1DA1Z18B, 1DAZ3405B, 1EZ18D, 1EZ18D10, 1EZ18T10, 1M18Z, 1M18Z10, 1M18Z5, 1M18ZS10, 1M18ZS5, 1N1428, 1N1515, 1N1515A, 1N1526, 1N1526A, 1N1777, 1N1777A, 1N1879, 1N1879A, 1N2039-1, 1N2039A, 1N3026, 1N3026A, 1N3026B, 1N3437, 1N3449, 1N3685, 1N3685A, 1N3685B, 1N4168, 1N4168A, 1N4168B, 1N4333, 1N4333A, 1N4333B, 1N4410, 1N4410A, 1N4410B, 1N4638, 1N4667, 1N4746, 1N4746A, 1N4838, 1N4838A, 1N5248B, 1N5569, 1N5569A, 1N6006B, 1N967B-F, 1R18, 1R18A, 1R18B, 1S1966, 1S199, 1S2123, 1S2123A, 1S233, 1S2500, 1S2557, 1S3018, 1S485, 1S698, 1SZ40-18, 1TA18, 1TA18A, 1TA18B, 1Z18, 1Z18A, 1Z18T10, 1Z18T20, 1Z18T5, 1ZC18T10, 1ZC18T5, 1ZM18T5, 2002209-7, 202093, 202-5-3230-18020, 212665, 215975, 22-0180, 224000, 224072, .25T18, .25T18A, 264P14409(1), 3596435, 3L4R3506-45, 4-2020-09200, 4202009200, 4-2020-11900, 4202011900, 4-2020-12000, 4-202012000, 4202012000, 4202012800, 46-86329-3, 46-86392-3, 48-155182, 4822-130-31024, 482213031024, 4822-130-310245, 4835-130-37134, 483513037134, 4835-130-37138, 483513037138, 4835-130-37784, 483513037784, 48-82256C53, 48-83461E37, 48-90229A79, 48-90229A87, 48D82256C53, 48D82533D09, 48P83624E94, 48X90229A79, 48X90229A87, .4M18Z5, .4T18, .4T18A, .4T18B, 523-2003-180, 530073-22, 530073-30, 5301021180, 530192-1180, 5301921180, 530192-180, 530225-180, 540-019, 561-2597-464, 56-605, .5M18ZS5, 61E37, 62-21574, 707W00177, 707W00405, 71411-003, 71411-3, 73-22, .7JZ18, .7Z18, .7Z18A, .7Z18B, .7Z18C, .7Z18D, .7ZM18, .7ZM18A, .7ZM18B, .7ZM18C, .7ZM18D, 919-003309-1, 935-6332, 97202-222, 99202-222, AW01-18, AZ-177, AZ-182, BZ-177, BZ177, BZ-182, BZ182, BZV17C18, BZV85C18, BZX29C18, BZX59C18, BZX64C18, BZX79/C18, BZX81C18, BZX85C18, BZY92C18, CXL5027, CXL5077, CZ18B, D93011801B, DZB18, DZB-18C, DZB18C, ECG5077, ECG5077A, ELP178, EQB01-18, EW16X258, EZ18(ELCOM), FD-1029-MS, GEZD-18, GXI178, GZ1-178, GZB18, GZB18B, HEPZ0228, HEP-Z0420, HEPZ0420, HW18, HW18A, HZ18P, HZ18PB, HZ5248, IDA1Z18B, IDAZ3405B, JZ18B, KS180A, LPM18A, LR180C, MA2180, MC6020A, MC6120A, MEZ1-178, MK279-27, MTZ620A, MZ-177, MZ418-B, MZ418B, NT50C18, NT5526, NT55C18, NTE5077A, O2Z18A, O5Z18, PS10026B, PS10070, PTC510, QB01-18, QB118, RD18F, RD18FA, RD18FB, RD18FB2, RD18FB3, RE-124, RE124, REN5077, S5248B, SD-11, SK18V, SK18V/5077A, SK3145, SK3752, SK3752/5077A, SV48, SZ14026, SZ18B, TM5077, TM5077A, TVSQB01-18, TVSQB118, TVSUZ188BS, UDZ8718, UZ1-176, UZ18B-S, UZ8718, UZ8818, UZL-176, UZP-18B, VR18, VR18A, VR18B, VZ-177A, VZ-177B, VZ-177C, VZ-177D, VZ-177E, W1-172, W1-177, W1-182, W2-172, W2-177, W2-182, W6-172, W6-177, W6-182, W7-172, W7-177, W7-182, W8-172, W8-177, W8-182, W9-157, W9-162, W9-167, W9-172, W9-177, W9-182, WA-172, WA-172A, WA-172B, WA-172C, WA-172D, WA-177, WA-177A, WA-177B, WA-177C, WA-177D, WA-182, WA-182A, WA-182B, WA-182C, WA-182D, WB-172, WB-172A, WB-172B, WB-172C, WB-172D, WB-177, WB-177A, WB-177B, WB-177C, WB-177D, WB-182, WB-182A, WB-182B, WB-182C, WB-182D, WC-172, WC-172A, WC-172B, WC-172C, WC-172D, WC-177, WC-177A, WC-177B, WC-177C, WC-177D, WC-182, WC-182A, WC-182B, WC-182C, WD-172, WD-172A, WD-172B, WD-172C, WD-172D, WD-177, WD-177A, WD-177B, WD-177C, WD-177D, WD-182, WD-182A, WD-182B, WD-182C, WD-182D, WE-172, WE-172A, WE-172B, WE-172C, WE-172D, WE-177, WE-177A, WE-177B, WE-177C, WE-177D, WE-182, WE-182A, WE-182B, WE-182C, WE-182D, WEP1116, WF-172, WF-172A, WG-172, WG-172A, WG-172B, WG-172C, WG-172D, WG-177, WG-177A, WG-177B, WG-177C, WG-177D, WG-182, WG-182A, WG-182B, WG-182C, WG-182D, WH-167D, WH-172, WH-172A, WH-172B, WH-172C, WH-172D, WH-177, WH-177A, WH-177B, WH-177C, WH-177D, WH-182, WH-182A, WH-182B, WH-182C, WH-182D, WI-172, WI-172A, WI-172B, WI-172C, WI-172D, WI-177, WI-177A, WI-177B, WI-177C, WI-177D, WI-182, WI-182A, WI-182B, WI-182C, WI-182D, WJ-172, WJ-172A, WJ-172B, WJ-172C, WJ-172D, WJ-177, WJ-177A, WJ-177B, WJ-177C, WJ-177D, WJ-182, WJ-182A, WJ-182B, WJ-182C, WJ-182D, WK-172, WK-172A, WK-172B, WK-172C, WK-172D, WK-177, WK-177A, WK-177B, WK-177C, WK-177D, WK-182, WK-182A, WK-182B, WK-182C, WK-182D, WL-172, WL-172A, WL-172B, WL-172C, WL-172D, WL-177, WL-177A, WL-177B, WL-177C, WL-177D, WL-182, WL-182A, WL-182B, WL-182C, WL-182D, WM-172, WM-172A, WM-172B, WM-172C, WM-172D, WM-177, WM-177A, WM-177B, WM-177C, WM-177D, WM-182, WM-182A, WM-182B, WM-182C, WM-182D, WN-177, WN-177A, WN-177B, WN-177C, WN-177D, WN-182, WN-182A, WN-182B, WN-182C, WN-182D, WO-172, WO-172A, WO-172B, WO-172C, WO-172D, WO-177, WO-177A, WO-177B, WO-177C, WO-177D, WO-182, WO-182A, WO-182B, WO-182C, WO-182D, WP-172, WP-172A, WP-172B, WP-172C, WP-172D, WP-177, WP-177A, WP-177B, WP-177C, WP-177D, WP-182, WP-182A, WP-182B, WP-182C, WP-182D, WQ-172, WQ-172A, WQ-172B, WQ-172C, WQ-172D, WQ-177, WQ-177A, WQ-177B, WQ-177C, WQ-177D, WQ-182, WQ-182A, WQ-182B, WQ-182C, WQ-182D, WR-172, WR-172A, WR-172B, WR-172C, WR-172D, WR-177, WR-177A, WR-177B, WR-177C, WR-177D, WR-182, WR-182A, WR-182B, WR-182C, WR-182D, WS-172, WS-172A, WS-172B, WS-172C, WS-172D, WS-177, WS-177A, WS-177B, WS-177C, WS-177D, WS-182, WS-182A, WS-182B, WS-182C, WS-182D, WT-172, WT-172A, WT-172B, WT-172C, WT-172D, WT-177, WT-177A, WT-177B, WT-177C, WT-177D, WT-182, WT-182A, WT-182B, WT-182C, WT-182D, WU-172, WU-172A, WU-172B, WU-172C, WU-172D, WU-177, WU-177A, WU-177B, WU-177C, WU-177D, WU-182, WU-182A, WU-182B, WU-182C, WU-182D, WV-172, WV-172A, WV-172B, WV-172C, WV-172D, WV-177, WV-177A, WV-177B, WV-177C, WV-177D, WV-182, WV-182A, WV-182B, WV-182C, WV-182D, WW-172, WW-172A, WW-172B, WW-172C, WW-172D, WW-177, WW-177A, WW-177B, WW-177C, WW-177D, WW-182, WW-182A, WW-182B, WW-182C, WW-182D, WX-172, WX-172A, WX-172B, WX-172C, WX-172D, WX-177, WX-177A, WX-177B, WX-177C, WX-177D, WX-182, WX-182A, WX-182C, WX-182D, WY-172, WY-172A, WY-172B, WY-172C, WY-172D, WY-177, WY-177A, WY-177B, WY-177C, WY-177D, WY-182, WY-182A, WY-182B, WY-182C, WY-182D, WZ-177, X0258, X0258(GOTTLIEB), Z0228, Z0420, Z1116, Z1116-C, Z1216, Z4746A, Z4B18, Z4XL18, Z4XL18B, ZA18B, ZB1-18, ZB18A, ZB18B, ZC018, ZD18 (Minor mechanical difference exists, but device will fit most applications.), ZD18B, ZF18 (Minor mechanical difference exists, but device will fit most applications.), ZF18P, ZH18B, ZM18, ZM18A, ZM18B, ZPY18, ZW18, ZY18

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Product condition: New