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12 Volt panel mount LEDs

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These units are designed to operate on 10.5 volts to 14.5 volts DC or AC. You can operate these on 24V but that will reduce the LEDs life span and they will create excess heat.

They draw 20mA or less.

The mounting hole that needs to be drilled for these is about 7.71mm (0.30 inches)

The require a depth of 20.71mm (0.815 inches) to fit into a panel (clearance required on the back of the panel)

MAX Panel thickness 6.90mm (0.271 inches), any thicker than that and the threads on the nut won't engage.

These units have about 177.8mm (7 inch) leads.


Package Quantity: 1pc

USA Stock, call for stock status.

Product condition: New

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -