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12 Volt Car Battery Monitor Kit MK189
Ve mk189

12 Volt Car Battery Monitor Kit MK189

Part number: VE-MK189
Velleman MK178 12 Volt Car Battery Monitor Kit

This small circuit is easy to build. It allows you to check the status of a 12V battery. It features sophisticated PIC micro-controller that monitors the battery voltage and gives an indication of the condition using a multicolor LED.
  • Easy to build in
  • Only 2 wires to connect (connect after ignition)
  • Uses multicolor 3mm LED:
    • Green: battery OK
    • Slow pulsing (green): battery OK or charging
    • Red: battery voltage is low
    • Red blinking: battery is being overcharged
  • Includes board to wire connector
QTY: 1 Kit
Product condition: New